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Inspiring positive personal and cultural change.


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Press Release

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ATC Campaign Tools: The following Press Release, Recipent Card and Instructional video can help you begin the process of getting invovled in the Affect The Culture “Better Campaign”.  

** Please take a moment to watch the short Instructional Video, download the Press Release and Recipient cards below.


In our efforts to inspire positive personal and cultural change we have launched the “Better Campaign/5 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge “as an effort to improve our character, combat the growing issue of divisiveness in our society, and establish a culture of respect, kindness, and benevolence.  

This is not a political movement but an effort to improve our character individually and collectively. We believe we are better than the character on display recently. Regardless of our differences a common thread in our society we should adhere to is to treat our fellow man with respect, kindness, and dignity (EVEN IF WE DISAGREE).


We’re asking everyone to participate in this intentional effort to impact positive cultural change in our society. The hand on our logo simply means your hand and mine are the catalyst of positive impact in society.

Accept the challenge to be “BETTER” by being an agent of positive change that will uplift, unite and build a productive society.

Let’s Affect The Culture!

Recipient Cards

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